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John Kirn Wenderlein III

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John Kirn Wenderlein III was born in Owosso, Michigan, 64 years ago. He spent the early part of his life in various locations due to his father's Navy career, residing in Virginia, Maryland, Florida, the Bahamas, and California during his formative years. One constant throughout all the moving around was sports. Not only did he have an affinity for sports but he also exceled in them. In his late twenties, he met the love of his life, and their connection was so profound that he couldn't envision being with anyone else.

Later in life, during his mid-thirties, he embarked on his college journey. His spiritual journey led him to pursue seminary studies after gaining a deep understanding of the teachings of Jesus. He completed his education at the Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, FL, and simultaneously received ordination as a minister in the Southern Baptist faith in 2002.

John's true calling was to provide physical comfort and compassion to those in the final stages of their lives. His first chaplain position with a hospice group was a significant personal milestone, and within his first year, he received the prestigious "Inspiration Award" for his exceptional care of patients. At that time, the hospice organization he worked with was among the most prominent in the country and was rapidly expanding.

Over the next decade, John pursued further education, earning a Master's degree in Bible and Theology. Today, his life revolves around his unwavering love for his Lord, his deep affection for his wife, and his profound commitment to caring for individuals who have been informed that their time on Earth is nearing its end. He stands by each patient, offering support during this final chapter of their lives.

John's method of sharing his experiences is straightforward: he writes about them. His hope is that by reading his stories, others can find clarity and peace as they navigate their own final seasons on Earth. If his writing can help even one person find solace in this challenging time, he considers it a meaningful achievement.

He encourages readers to explore his stories, which may help fill in the gaps in their understanding of their own last seasons.

Blessings to all.

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