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Remember Me

Excerpt from the book

Four Rosaries for the President

When I think I can no longer be surprised, someone comes into my life and changes that notion. This next patient was sitting in her easy chair with Fox News on when I entered her assisted living room. In her lap was a rosary; because of her hearing, she had the tv blasting. Agnes lived in an upscale assisted living facility best described as what a premier hotel would be like. Room service, meals served either in the dining room or her room: a beauty salon, a fitness room, and even a tiny pool. While walking through this place, going to the fourth floor of the eight-story building to meet my new patient, I wondered what her family had done for a living to give her such a place. She was ninety-nine years old and not ready to go by any means, which she reminded me of every time I visited her at least once a week. 


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     So again, there she was, watching the morning guy on the TV speaking about the day’s news. I started my introductions where I thought she would be the best way to catch her attention “ARE YOU POLITICAL” I asked. Of course, she answered, I knew she would be. Agnes was quick to speak. Yes, and if this President does not settle down, he will be up to four rosaries a day with me. And for someone of the Catholic faith, you understand that every bead on the rosary requires a prayer. Fifty-nine beads on the rosary; thus, it would take even more time to get through her prayers if Agnes went to four full rosaries a day. I smiled at the thought of her going through them. But this she did in private.

     Over time and visiting her, I found out she had seven children. Two had passed, one just the year before. She had been a widow for about ten years and missed him terribly, as she would tell me on almost every visit. As things progressed, she would speak of him fondly. She and her husband had owned a large catering company up north. The children were all involved with running it except the oldest. He had chosen to be the President of one of the distributing centers for a large manufacturer in the United States. He was living in Europe. I could see by the photos on the wall that this family was close. Over the months we shared our lives, I would get to know them all well, in conversation and their regular visits.        

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